What is it?
eXpd8 is the accounts software designed specifically for solicitors. Not only does it manage and maintain accounts in line with the Law Society regulations and requirements, it also cleverly uses the data which has been created and captured within the eXpd8 Case Management software avoiding double data entry and ensuring all work done is captured and tracked, you decide if it is billable or non billable.
Why use it?
Save time by capturing data only once and using it again and again. Ensure you are converting work done into billable hours. Generate in real time a fully auditable trail of time costing without any additional hassle.

Legal accounting made easier!

Easy to Use, user friendly screens
Instant Access to clients transaction history, Balances & Key Information
Find entries quickly with the Find Feature
Integrated with eXpd8 CM – A single Solution to Streamline Management of your firm
Integrated Time recording/ Cost recovery
Quickly Bill single or multiple clients
Create Custom fields to track additional information in order to minimize your risk
Comprehensive Reports & scheduled reporting with Automatic Report Runner
Drilldown on report for instant access to detailed information
Security Information to protect sensitive information
Frequent Software Updates & New Features
Fully Law Society of Ireland Compliant in line with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations Act
Legal accounting made easier!

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