Whether you need long term solutions for improving the efficiency of your firm or short term solutions

to cover sickness absences or short term work overloads, we can help.

The initial capital cost is the purchase of a digital dictation device. These vary in price but we recommend Philips or Olympus although any DSS, WAV or MP3 formats are compatible with Lawscript’s transcription systems.

Transcription is charged by the minute of dictation received by Lawscript, NOT the time it takes to transcribe each sound file.

There are three levels of service available – all times are BST
Urgent: Immediately processed once received. Anticipated delivery time agreed on receipt including out of hours by prior arrangement.
Premium: Documents returned within 3 hours of receipt of sound file.
24 Hour: Documents returned by COB day following receipt of sound file.
48 Hour: Documents returned by COB two working days following the receipt of the sound files.